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Great, but need new features

First, thank you for adding Apple Pencil support to 9.7 iPad Pro! Its just great now to annotate my books, documents and lessons! The app is great, I recommend to everyone however, in order to be even better, Id love to ask you guys: - Shortcuts keys to scroll, change tabs, documents, search, highlight, etc on physical keyboard like iPad Pro (example, option+arrow to scroll, like in chrome; cud+option+arrow to change doc tabs, etc). - Background sync when locked or running other app! Waze, Google photos can do that, so I dont think its a system limitation for that. - iOS enhanced language dictation/reading text. French, for example is too robot voice, different from Siri. Thank you very much, you made an amazing app to make my iPad a capable laptop substitute!

Very good

Works well and is easy to use.



No cooperation between apps by Readdle

I cant understand why I have to setup the sharing settings for accessing my cloud services in each of the Readdle Apps again and again. This is extremly inconvenient. In consequenxe there are to less advantages using all of the apps by Readdle as they are not really cooperate.



Forced to rate a paid app

Nice app, but I really dont like to be forced to rate an app, I paid for.

Top App

Top App

Excellent app

I use it for PDFs mostly and its done a brilliant job over the last year. Easy to handle and fast without too much explanation. Simple enough UI, but not too simple for it to be too complicated. Keep it up!


I love this app: i just bought a Microsoft Surface Pro4 and wish this program, was for windows too, but alas, only for my ipad (had to buy Adobe DC grr, lol!) .so i use my ipad whenever i need to have PDFs easily readable, usable, editable, etc. This program is reliable, never crashes and is sooo dependable as an "open in" option.... Its worth paying the purchase price if you use pdfs alot...and i have now opened other documents like word docs, etc so its super convenient....and of course you can send to printer and email it too, etc...love it like an old friend! :-)


I love this app and twin brother, Documents, from the same company.

PDF Expert

Great and very useful app....

Love it!

This app makes it easy to read my documents clearly and find them quickly.


There are a lot of applications out there that you can use but this one is really easy and it stores everything really easily you can also have videos MP3s and other types of files at your fingertips. Its also great because you can use it on all your devices and of course has a A cloud and it links you to other types of storage files like dropbox etc.

Absolutely the best app for PDF editing

The title says it all. I have many many PDF applications on my iPad and always find myself turning to this one whenever edits are required, including adding pages, deleting pages and re-arranging lengthy PDFs. Awesome application.

Works well

Works as advertised

Outstanding app

I use this app all the time and it never disappoints. Works seamlessly on my iPhone and my iPad. Love it.

Great app

User friendly. I would have loved for this app to have the option of writing directly on the page along with using a magnifier if needed. This is not like a MS word but good enough for pdf docs.

Great App

A must have for pdf usage. Sleek and intuitive.

The best of the best

I took my company front paper to digital contracts thanks to this software. Its so easy to use and it was easy for the other staff to learn. The ability to fill forms, sign, and store all the PDFs so simply makes it so worth the money!

Must have

Best app for working with PDFs

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